Accurate audio video synchronisation for broadcast and live events is key.  An accurate and repeatable test source to put in front of the camera is essential to achieve this.  While a laptop playing a test file or mobile app is a quick and easy source to use, the quality of these sources is generally poor.  The AV test output generated is often not synchronised or repeatable between playbacks.  This can be seen when measuring such sources with a Sync-One2.

Sync-Generator is a front of camera audio video test generator for broadcast / live event use.  Sync-Generator produces a synchronised audio tone and flash of light once per second or at a variable rate.  Sync-Generator is designed to work alongside a Sync-One2 for measuring any audio video delay / offset further along the broadcast chain.

The pulses are generated once per second, or 1Hz, with the pulse duration being two frames at the set frame rate.  A variable rate is also available, where the time between the pulses varies according to the configured frame rate.  The variable rate is ideal for detecting frame rate mismatches within the system.

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